Traditional, but not old fashioned!

We find that the internet can be a wonderful source of means to help those of you who do not always have access to a trainer ‘on the ground’ or like minded folks to help work through a training situation, especially when new challenges arise.

In addition to live instruction, we can facilitate online learning opportunities via private email, .ftp video analysis (via our own secure server) and secure forum discussion with like-minded equestrians. These opportunities are available to ensure you have ongoing support for your educational needs between live training sessions.

Online discussion :

Regular clients of Equestrian Journey and/or its trainers are allowed to register into the fully secure online services of TalkingTraining which has a number of wonderful ways to help you learn and progress. We all know how scary it can be to show our training realities and so the entire site, with its accessories, are secure and private so that you may feel safe in whatever format you choose to use.

  1. Photo and video gallery

A place where you can upload photos, video and scanned items for analysis, archiving or just the joy of sharing.

  1. A training forum board with many saved gems of information

There are areas where you can maintain a Riding Diary for archiving or freeflow interaction and input from other registered members.

  1. Live Chat

This is a place where many people can meet together and have both fun and serious discussions in real time. There is a choice of rooms so that more than one conversation can happen at any one time. Enjoy the emoticons!

  1. The Yahoo group

A place for email interaction on training subjects.

Ftp video lesson :

Fees vary between £15 and £50 depending on the length of clip and degree of analysis desired. Follow up clips are charged at a lower rate and encouraged as a means of helping you to develop efficient homework to ensure progress.

Please contact directly for further conversation about how we can best suit your individual needs in this format.

Last updated November 2009